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Stationery: Paper

Paper is the foundation of your stationery and there are two basic weights that you will encounter when building your stationery suite.

Text* :: 24 to 80 lb | Most commonly used at work/home, it’s your basic copy/print ‘letterhead‘ paper.
Stationery Uses: envelope liner, program, card/bottle/candy wrapper, personal stationery…

Cover/Cardstock* :: 80 to 220 lb | Most commonly used for business cards and postcards.
Stationery Uses: invite card, response card, program, gift/favor tag, signage…

*80 lb text is totally different than 80 lb cover/cardstock. It has less to do with the weight and more to do with the quality or thickness of a given sheet of paper. To see the difference between 2 sheets of text/cover hold each up to the light.

The higher the quality/thickness of the cover/cardstock paper the less it bends the more impressive your stationery will be. As for text the less you can see through the better, especially if you are printing on both sides. Both weights also come in a variety of finishes and textures (ex: matte, glossy, metallic, linen, felt… ), which can also add to the overall look and feel of your suite.

Envelopes :: 65 to 80 lb text | Available in a variety of colors, textures and metallics to coordinate with your color palette with square and contour flaps (see below). You can add a textured or graphic print liner to give your suite a sense of luxury or a splash of color.


After working with several paper brands I definitely have my favorites and will make suggestion based on your project. If necessary I can put together samples for you to touch and feel before making a decision.

Next week I’ll be sharing about print types and the recommended paper weights for each.

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