In Stationery

Stationery: Wording

Your Names
Ceremony Date, Time, Location
Reception Date. Time, Location (if different)

Who's Hosting?

We are - add ”along with our families”
The parents - Mr. Mrs. Dr.
Someone else - Keep it informal and mention the relationship.

Civil OR Religious?

Civil “request(s) the pleasure of your company”
Religious “request(s) the honor of your presence”

Why are we celebrating?

“as we start our marriage”
“as we tie the knot (finally)!”
“for our wedding celebration”
“as we begin our new lives together”
“cause we’re getting married!"

Where and When?

Date - MM/DD/YYYY or spell it out
Time - don’t forget to use am/morning pm/evening
Location - If you’re not including map/directions, remember to put the full address

Make it your own

ADD: Quote a book, song, verse.
CHANGE IT UP: Rewrite it with the voice of your favorite character. Use your native language.
GO CRAZY: Mad-Lib style. Rewrite as a fairy tale. Be creative.

For wording examples, click here.

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