You won't find "cookie cutter" invitations or "one size fits all" designs here.

You Deserve More!

When you work with me

what you will find...

Your Story Designer

You are at the center of every design. Afterall it is your story, I just make it look pretty.

Idea Bouncer

Providing an outside perspective to bounce your Wild and Crazy ideas off of.

Creative Collaborator

Together we will take your collection of moments and create an event that will connect your story with your family and friends.

Life is a collection of moments.

Some moments are BIG, some are small but each and every single one plays an important role in who you are and who you are becoming.

Great moments are worth celebrating!

Mark it on your calendar
Buy yourself flowers – Pop the Champagne
Go out for dinner and dessert or JUST DESSERT!!!

Moments are meant to be shared.

Life is meant to be done in community. Surround yourself with all the people who love and support you.

“collecting the dots. then connecting them. and then sharing the connections with those around you.”

Ampersands (&) are connectors, they connect us to the people, places and things around us. A wedding is a celebration of all the moments that connect you to each other.  AND like ampersands, your wedding invitation is just the first of many dots that will connect your guests with your story.

I know it can be hard to communicate your thoughts and ideas when you are put on the spot. Thats why I designed this series of creative planning exercises – to help you “connect the dots” and find unique, creative ways to share your most meaningful moments with those nearest and dearest. 

Below you will find one of these exercises – my gift to you, just for stopping by.

Let’s Start with a Word Exercise.

This or That

Take a break from all the stress of planning a wedding. Have some fun with this wedding edition of "This or That"!

Want More?

Are You Still Feeling Stressed?
Remember "stressed is just "DESSERTS" spelled backwards.

OK, Last One... Ice Cream or Coffee?

If you were a scoop of ice cream or a cup of coffee, what would you be? How would you describe it? This exercise will help you craft your wedding personality description.

What's Your Flavor?

I scream, You scream, We all scream for ICE CREAM!

What's Your Brew?


We wanted the invitations to set the tone for our wedding and she somehow accomplished that perfectly. Tasha went above and beyond and we're so grateful to have found her.

creative planning exercises

Connect the Dots

Guided creative planning – from vision to reality
Offering creative support and advice

The above exercises are just a taste of what I am offering with my creative design consultations. With my help, you will connect the dots in your story, brainstorm ideas and create a roadmap or mood board for your wedding. So that, you can confidently plan the details and filter out “good ideas” for those that actually fit you and your wedding. AND so you don’t go completely “Pin” crazy. Which will help me, your coordinator and other vendors create a more meaningful event for you and your guests

Maybe you don’t have a “thousand yellow daisies” (Lorelai, Gilmore Girls) kind of moments, that’s ok, what’s important is that they are yours – AND that’s what makes them great.

It is my goal to help you figure out your “highlight’s reel”, the moments that shaped you/your relationship. Then design and create the details that will connect your guests as they celebrate your story (with invitations, favors, and so much more).

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CELEBRATE LIFE’S GREAT MOMENTS with Custom Designed Stationery


share #ampersandinkWED


CELEBRATE LIFE’S GREAT MOMENTS with Custom Designed Stationery


share #ampersandinkWED

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